2 Objectives

FTSSA Objectives

The Flight Test Society of South Africa was founded in 2005 to improve professionalism amongst the test pilots and flight test engineers and to contribute to aviation in South Africa.

The main aims and objectives of FTSSA are as follows:

1. To promote the advancement of flight safety by providing a forum for expression of professional opinion on flight test activities in particular and flying operations in general.

2. To promote the education of Society members, of other persons directly associated with aeronautical activities, and of the general public concerning endeavours particular to the profession of flight testing.

3. To promote technical advancement by providing for professional education through lectures, displays and presentations and by the exchange of information to assist the development of improved flight test techniques.
The membership of FTSSA consists of experimental test pilots and flight test engineers that have completed a full flight test course at an approved flight test school. It includes flight testers employed in industry, the South African Air Force and those active in general aviation.

The Society holds no business interests, its aim being the furtherance of the interests of flight testing and flight safety in South Africa. The Society endeavours to establish sound professional relationships with organisations such as the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, Society of Flight Test Engineers and the Aeronautical Society of South Africa.

FTSSA also engages with other stakeholders in aviation in South Africa to address issues of mutual concern.