7 Membership

MembershipThe constitution of FTSSA provides for the following types of membership:


1. Full Member
Test pilots and flight test engineers who are or were eligible for registration under the current SACAA ANR legislation as Class 1 Test Pilots or Flight Test Engineers or Test Pilots or Flight Test Engineers who qualified according to the requirements contained in the South African Air Force Aviation Safety Manual and whose application are approved by the committee.

Members are experimental test pilots and flight test engineers that have completed a full flight test course at an approved flight test school.

2. Associate Member
A person involved in flight testing as a Test Pilot or Flight Test Engineer who does not qualify for full membership.
Associate Members have substantial experience as test pilots or flight test engineers at a recognised flight test facility.

3. Student Member
A person enrolled in a full time Engineering, Science, Applied Science or Technology Degree related to an aeronautical field at a South African University and who has completed his/her first year of studies may apply to become a student member for the duration of his studies.

4. Corporate Member
An invitation may be extended by the FTSSA Committee to organisations engaged in the study, design, manufacture, testing or operation of aerospace vehicles, or components thereof, including equipment to support such vehicles, to accept Corporate Membership of the Society.

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